Telecom Services Procurement


0000101883_resized_quantumcommunicationusinglasersMany organizations do not have the in-house time and expertise to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their telecom purchases.  The purchase of these services is unique because of the technical knowledge required to properly understand service differentials and pricing.

Cost Control Associates can help. Our goal is not only to reduce costs, but also to maximize supplier service and to minimize financial risks associated with the telecom marketplace.


Some of the areas where we can provide help include:

  • • Local voice and data services
  • • Long distance services
  • • Internet Access

Cost Control Associates will perform the following actions where applicable:

  • • Analyze usage data and current costs
  • • Develop usage profiles and service requirements for submission to potential suppliers
  • • Develop a list of qualified suppliers
  • • Prepare and issue a request for pricing and terms or, if desired, a formal Request for Proposal or Bid
  • • Evaluate responses including reference and background checks of potential suppliers
  • • Calculate potential savings and make a recommendation for contract award
  • • Review proposed supplier contracts and request needed modifications
  • • Verify the accuracy of billing and calculate savings
  • • Enter your vital data into our master contract database to advise you of new pricing opportunities and contract expiration.

Cost Control Associates is flexible in its approach and willing to work with you to develop a scope of work and fee structure that will best meet your needs.

Cost Control Associates is not a telecom supplier.  In fact, Cost Control Associates takes no fees from any telecom supplier.  This independence from suppliers means we will be providing advice that is best for you, not anyone else. Cost Control Associates has been assisting clients in reducing telecom costs since 1991, and has helped numerous clients save millions of dollars in telecom costs through improved telecom pricing and other cost optimization techniques.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can save money for your organization, please contact us.