Our People

Our People


Cost Control Associates

Cost Control Associates’ people have developed the energy, waste and telecom expertise that is needed to help your organization reduce costs. Some find it surprising that many of our people have not had extensive experience in the energy, waste and telecom industries prior to joining Cost Control Associates. In fact, prior to joining Cost Control Associates, some of our people were finance experts, accountants, and even teachers.

Our extensive training programs are designed to equip people with the necessary technical knowledge to be successful. Rather than technical knowledge, we look for people that have the right attitude–a willingness to provide our clients with exceptional service and satisfaction.

Regardless of background, there are some things our people do share in common:

- Technical skills that are necessary to maximize refunds and savings for our clients
- Tenacious desire to help our clients cut costs to improve their bottom line
- Responsiveness to our clients
- Unquestionable honesty and ethics in all that we do.

If you would like to know more about our people, please contact us. We’d be glad to tell you more!


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