Governments & School Districts


Cost Control Associates has worked with over 400 local/state governments and public schools districts across the U.S. over the past 20 years. We have successfully recovered and saved millions of dollars with existing utility and telecom providers on behalf of our clients. The municipal sector is one of our most active industry sectors and at any given time we generally have current contracts in place that meet the competitive bidding requirements for public bodies. Most local governmental agencies and school districts have the ability to piggyback on contracts that are publicly solicited through a lead public agency.

Municipal and school district budget constraints throughout the USA have reached epic levels in some areas, and there is no better time to take advantage of our cost-cutting programs. For many of our programs, we require no cash outlay to initiate our services, and there is no cost if our work does not result in refunds/savings. Some of our most popular programs for governments and school districts include:

ok-iconEnergy Cost Recovery and Reduction™ Services (Bill Audits) ok-iconWaste Removal Cost Recovery and Reduction™ Services (Bill Audits)ok-iconTelecom Cost Recovery and Reduction™ Services (Bill Audits)
ok-iconEnergy Procurementok-iconCellular Cost Review & Optimization (Bill Audits & More)

ok-iconOur Clients Include:


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