Energy Cost Recovery & Reduction

Energy Cost Recovery & Reduction Services


Many organizations are unaware of the cost savings available through reductions in regulated utility rates and identification/recovery of billing errors. In addition, many organizations do not realize that regulated utility companies offer rate choices (sometimes as many as 50) as detailed in the rate tariff that each utility company files with its applicable state regulators. At the same time, utility companies take the position that it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the most optimal rate on each of its accounts. In addition, because of the complexity of utility billing structures, errors in billing occur yet go undiscovered by the customer.

Cost Control Associates can help. Using our Energy Cost Recovery and Reduction program, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your utility bills to identify rate and other billing savings. In addition, we will identify errors in billing that can be corrected and for which refunds can be obtained. Reports detailing savings and refunds will be provided to you. After obtaining your approval of cost savings recommendations, we implement these savings for you. We will also file refund claims and insure that appropriate amounts are refunded.

Savings from this program often result from:

• Obtaining more cost-effective alternate rates and riders from existing regulated utility companies
• Correcting errors in billing
• Reducing taxes on utility bills by taking advantage of available exemptions
• Correcting power factor penalties.

Our services can include electric, water, sewer, steam, chilled water, and heating fuels such as natural gas, propane, and oil costs. Clients can select from the types of bills they wish to include in the review.

We are confident that our team will produce significant savings for your organization since over 90% of Cost Control Associates’ clients realize refunds and/or savings by using our Energy Cost Recovery & Reduction program. Most clients opt for our shared savings fee arrangement under which our fees are tied directly to your savings. With this fee arrangement, if Cost Control Associates does not produce refunds or savings for your Organization, you pay nothing. There is absolutely no risk.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can save money for your organization, please contact us.

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